Vol 6, No 4 (2012)

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Effect of nucleosome-binding protein 1 on prostate cancer cell of PC-3 in invasion by modulating CXCR4 PDF
JI Shi-qi, ZHOU Li-qun, LI Xue-song, WASILIJIANG Wahafu, ZHANG Xiao-yu, ZHANG Cui-jian, HAO Han, YAO Lin 829-832
Expression and clinical significance of MMP-2 and HIF-1α in human hepatocellular carcinoma PDF
FAN Ping, DING You-ming 833-838
Effects of HIF-2α and VEGF on angiogenesis and metastasis of oral squamous cell carcinomas PDF
WANG Xiao-fei, JIAO Yan-jun, WANG Jiang-bo, QI Guang-qiang 839-842
Antitumor effect of combination low-power radiofrequency with long-circulating temperature sensitive vinorelbine liposomes on VX2 tumor in rabbits PDF
CAO Bing-sheng, WU Fei, WANG Zhi-yuan, DENG Juan, WANG Xing-ping, GONG Wei, MEI Xing-guo 843-846
Therapeutic efficacies of combination HIFU with paclitaxel thermosensitive liposomes on Lewis lung carcinoma in mice PDF
ZHANG Tong-min, CAO Bing-sheng, WANG Zhi-yuan, DENG Juan, WANG Xing-ping, ZHANG Hui, GONG Wei, MEI Xing-guo 852-856
The value of spiral CT and angiography in diagnosis of ruptured hepatocellular carcinoma PDF
DONG Jing-hui, MA Wei, ZHANG Jun-hua, LI Yong-wu, WANG Hua-ming 847-851
The clinical application of computer aided pulmonary nodule detecting system on account of three-dimentional CT  PDF
YANG Shi-xiong, ZENG Jian-ye, JIN Ren-chao, HUANG Qi-liang, XU Xiang-yang, WEI Yong-chu, HUANG Si-guang, LU Wei, WANG Bin-qiang 857-860
Assessment of left ventricular function in mitral regurgitation patients using three-dimensional strain and doppler parameters PDF
CHEN Hai-yan, PAN Cui-zhen, WANG Yu-lin, PAN Sun, WANG Chun-sheng, SHU Xian-hong 861-864
Study on evaluation of the carotid elasticity in patients with coronary heart disease with two-dimensional strain imaging PDF
ZHENG Ru-yu, ZHOU Chang-yu, ZHENG Cheng-huan, SUN Chun-ming, LU Ya-ping 865-869
The effect assessment of the systemic-to-pulmonary shunt in congenital heart disease PDF
GUO Lin-lin, YANG Qi, XU Zhuo-ming 870-873
Investigation of anticoagulation therapy for elderly patients with high risk of nonvalvular atrial fibrillation PDF
ZHENG Li-fan, CHEN Hui 874-878
Value of the left atrial function index for assessing left atrial function in patients with essential hypertension PDF
WANG Jun-yan, LI Tian-liang, ZHANG Xiao-li, GAO Ming-lan 879-882
Detection of the level of apelin during remodeling in hypertensive heart failure rats PDF
PANG Hui, ZHANG Pei-ying 883-886
Dependability research on hypertension and risk factors of cardiovascular disease in pilots PDF
QUAN Shou-zhen, MA Hong-yu, LUO Dan, DONG Lei, ZHOU Jin-li, ZHU Mei-cai 887-890
Study of the changes of serum BNP,VEGF,and hs-CRP in patients with congenital heart disease combined with pulmonary arterial hypertension PDF
GUANG Xue-feng, DAI Hai-long, ZHANG Cheng-hua, ZUO Ming-xian, GAI Qi-ming, ZHANG Wei-hua, LU Yi-bing 891-893
Relationship between serum resistin levels and carotid intima-media thickness in newly-diagnosed patients with type 2 diabetes PDF
CAI Wei, XU Ji-xiong, LI Jian, ZHU Ling-yan, HUANG Hai-hua, LIU Jian-ying 894-896
Effect of hemodialysis combined hemofiltration on the level of serum fibroblast growth factor 23 in uremic patients PDF
LI Zhu-hong, LI Kai-long, YANG Ju-rong, ZHANG Wei-wei, LI Kai-bin, YANG Jie, HE Ya-ni 897-900
Effect of Salmeterol/Fluticasone Propionate on exercise endurance in moderate-severe COPD PDF
YANG Wen-lan, LIU Jin-ming, SUN Xing-guo, GAO Bei-lan, CHENG Ke-bin 901-906
Biocompatible study on orthopedic internal fixation with thermosetting vinylesterresin-based carbon fiber composite materials PDF
WEI Jie, LI Li-jun, PENG Fang-chen 907-911
A random controlled trial:Therapeutic effect of iron supplementation on the postoperative functional recovery for elderly patients with hip and knee surgery PDF
ZHENG Ying, BAO Huai-xu, CHANG Xin, WANG Bing 912-916
Study on the levels of ICAM-2,ICAM-3 and MCAM in peripheral blood of patients with anaphylactoid purpura PDF
LI Yu-juan, WANG Xiu-min, LI Shu-wen 917-920

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