Vol 5, No 23 (2011)

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Quantification of regional left ventricular longitudinal strain rate in healthy children by speckle tracking echocardiography PDF
JIANG Lan, XIE Ming-xing, WANG Xin-fang, LU Xiao-fang, QIN Xiao-juan, HUANG Gui 6884-6891
An analysis of the risk factors for premature coronary heart disease in patients with primary hypertension PDF
CHE Jing-jin, ZHANG Cheng-zong, NIU Hai-fang, SHAO Yuan-xia 6892-6897
The effects of ligustrazine on expressions of Bcl-2 and Bax in ox-LDL-induced atherosclerotic model through improving endothelial functions PDF
WANG Guo-feng, ZHAO Xia, LI Ning, CUI Hong-mei 6898-6901
Morphology of anterior descending coronary artery myocardial bridge with 320-row computed tomography coronary angiography PDF
DONG Xin, QIN Chong, AO Guo-kun 6902-6906
The clinical value of lung ventilation/perfusion imaging successively in diagnosis of pulmonary embolism PDF
ZHANG Guo-xu, HAO Shan-hu, WANG Zhi-guo, GUO Jia, ZHANG Tong, ZHANG Wen-wen, CHEN Lan-lan 6907-6909
Clinical application of sodium alginate micro spheres in hemoptysis of TB by thyrocervical trunk blood supply PDF
ZHANG Guang-yu, YANG Nan, AO Guo-kun 6910-6912
Application of CT examination in the chest wall tumors and tumor-like lesions PDF
QUAN Chang-bin, AO Guo-kun, DONG Xin, YUAN Xiao-dong, AN Dong-li, WANG Hai-li 6913-6917
Diagnostic value of computed tomography on thymic pathology complicated by myasthenia gravis PDF
XU Guo-yu, DOU Yun-ke, YUAN Xiao-dong, AO Guo-kun, QIAO Yuan-gang 6918-6921
Child allergen investigation with it′s prevention and cure PDF
SUN Tao, TANG Hua-ping, GU Xiao-ling, LU Min, MA Ze-nan 6922-6925
Report of diabetes mellitus in the use of mycophenolate mofetil in a child with nephrotic syndrome and literatures review PDF
YUE Zhi-hui, SUN Liang-zhong, YANG Juan, JIANG Xiao-yun, MO Ying, CHEN Shu-mei 6926-6929
Anatomic study of thoracic pedicle screws angle of teenagers by CT PDF
WANG Zhen-feng, WANG Hai-shan, ZHANG Shun-li, LI Zhi-jun, YU Yun-zhi 6930-6933
Comparison of therapeutic effects of the indirect decompression by pedicle instrument without interbody fusion and the open decompression to vertebra tube with fusion-stabilization on thoracolumbar burst fractures PDF
XU Shou-xiang, QU Xiu-hui, CAO Wei-you, LIU Jun-tao 6934-6938
Post-therapy surveillance of patients with uterine cervical cancer by using 18F-FDG imaging and serum tumor marker measurement PDF
WANG Qian, LI Yuan, GAO Ping, YUE Ming-gang, LI He-bei 6939-6943
The application of biliary stent for complex bile duct reconstruction in liver transplantation PDF
YANG Jian-an, ZHU Xiao-feng, CUI Shu-zhong, TANG Yun-qiang, BA Ming-chen, WANG Bin, ZHANG Xiang-liang 6944-6948
Expression and clinical significance of effect and regulatory T cell-associated cytokines in patients with different types of chronic HBV infection PDF
XING Tong-jing, XU Hong-tao, LI Hao, YE Jun 6949-6952
The exploration of the operation of thyroid benign lesions of exposure of recurrent laryngeal nerve indication PDF
ZHANG Xin-lai, LIU Tao-di 6953-6956
PD98059 enhancing the effects of oxaliplatin on human colorectal cancer RKO cells mediated by downregulation of GST-π expression PDF
ZHANG Ye, QU Xiu-juan, LIU Yun-peng, HOU Ke-zuo 6957-6960
Dysplastic gangliocytoma of the cerebellum(Lhermitte-Duclos disease):5 cases and literature review PDF
GENG Su-min, JIA Gui-jun, HAO Shu-yu, XIAO Xin-ru, WU Zhen, ZHANG Li-wei, ZHANG Jun-ting 6961-6964
Influencing factors for posttraumatic hydrocephalus after severe traumatic brain injury PDF
LIU Zhan, YOU Chao, JIAO Qing-fang, LI Song 6965-6969
Effects of fluoxetine and tianeptine on expression of PKA in hippocampus of chronic stress depression rats PDF
WU Feng, LI Li-li, KONG Ling-tao, TANG Yan-qing 6970-6974
Value of the Montreal cognitive assessment for the detection of vascular cognitive impairment in cerebral small vessel disease PDF
KONG Fan-bin, YANG Fang, CHEN Wei, ZHAO Ren-liang 6975-6980
The changes of secretion mode of incretin in simple obesity PDF
FU Xiao-ying, YANG Hua-zhang, CHEN Da-qiang, LI Shi-jian, KUANG Jian 6981-6985
The research of IgG antibodies aptamers and 16 kD antigen in TB serological diagnosis PDF
BAI Wen-juan, BAI Guang-hong, HU Zhong-yi, LIU Zhong-hua, YANG Hua, QIN Lian-hua 6986-6991

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