Vol 5, No 20 (2011)

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The effect of cell proliferation and migration by short hairpin RNA interference EZH2 expression in human lung cancer cell line PDF
ZHANG Jia-ling, SU Xiu-lan, YAN Mei-rong, HU Qun 5871-5871
Correlation of both S100A4 and Survivin expressions with the prognosis of pancreatic cancer patients PDF
JIA Fu-xin, LIU Jiang-wei, ZHANG Dong, LI Peng, LI Jian-ying, FENG Yu-ling, LU Kai-bo 5894-5899
The expressions of cyclooxyenase-2,vascular endothelial growth factor-C and CD105 and their clinicopathological significance in laryngeal carcinoma PDF
YANG Shu-juan, LIU Yu-ying 5990-5903
The value of 18F-FDG PET/CT in the diagnosis of liver metastases and primary tumors and other metastases outside liver metastases PDF
LUO Jia-lun, XU Hui-qin, HUANG Wei-yuan, XUE Yang-yang, WANG Xue-mei 5904-5908
The subclavian arterial angiography and interventional treatment for massive hemoptysis of pulmonary tuberculosis PDF
AO Guo-kun, ZHANG Guang-yu, WANG Zhong-yuan, CHEN Hong-bing, LI Qiang, HUANG Qin, TAN Zhi-yuan 5909-5912
Dual-input lung perfusion: A new technique and primary outcomes in tuberculosis PDF
YUAN Xiao-dong, AO Guo-kun, QUAN Chang-bin, ZHANG Jing, LI Hong, TIAN Yuan, QIN Chong, LIU Zhe, TIAN Mei 5913-5918
Thin-section CT characteristics of active and inactive pulmonary tuberculosis PDF
DONG Xin, QIN Chong, AO Guo-kun 5919-5924
CT features of thoracic tuberculosis PDF
QUAN Chang-bin, AO Guo-kun, LI Hong, YUAN Xiao-dong, LI Li-jia 5925-5929
Diagnostic value of multislice CT in urologic tuberculosis PDF
QUAN Chang-bin, LI Hong, DONG Xin, YUAN Xiao-dong, ZHANG Yang 5930-5934
Intrathecal injection therapy in tuberculous cerebrospinal meningitis and MRI follow up PDF
XU Guo-yu, AO Guo-kun, WANG Jin-he, YUAN Xiao-dong, LI Hong, QIAO Yuan-gang, TIAN Yuan, HAN Dong-mei 5935-5938
Diagnostic value of MRI for intracerebral infarctions accompanied by tuberculous meningitis PDF
XU Guo-yu, LI Hong, AO Guo-kun, YUAN Xiao-dong, QIAO Yuan-gang, HAN Dong-mei, XU Yin-wu 5939-5944
Magnetic resonance imaging findings of intracranial hypotension syndrome and the pathophysiological mechanism PDF
LI Hong, AO Guo-kun, QUAN Chang-bin, TIAN Yuan, XU Guo-yu, QIAO Yuan-gang 5945-5949
Diagnosis and treatment of ruptured intraspinal dermoid tumour with fat droplets in the central spinal canal and subarachnoidal space PDF
CHU Ming, WEI Lan-lan, HU En-xi, WANG Dian-hong, YU Hong-wei, WU Pei, XU Kun, LI Guo-zhong, ZHONG Zhen-yu, SHI Huai-zhang, ZHAO Shi-guang 5950-5954
Protective effect of combining propofol pretreatment and posttreatment on ischemic spinal cord injury in rabbit PDF
YU Qi-jin, YANG Jie, CHEN Juan 5955-5959
The influence of intraperitoneal oxaliplatin on the healing of colonic anastomoses in rats with interfered effect of GM-CSF PDF
LIU Yong, YANG Yang, LIU Hui, LI Miao, SONG Yun-jun 5960-5963
Mesenchymal stem cells differentiate into an endothelial phenotype after transplanted into biliary ischemic lesion in rats PDF
ZHAO De-fang, CHEN Da-zhi 5964-5968
The impact of autoantibodies on liver histology in hepatitis C PDF
LI Wen-shu, ZHAO Jing-min, ZHOU Guang-de, LIU Shu-hong, GUO Xiao-dong, YANG Jian-fa, ZHAO Yu-lai 5969-5973
Diagnosis and treatment of adrenal cyst:report of 16 cases PDF
ZHANG Kai-yan, XING Jin-chun, LI Wei, LIU Rong-fu, CHEN Bin, CHEN Yue-dong, WANG Hui-qiang, LIU Chun-xiao 5974-5978
Effect of recombinant human erythropoietin on apoptosis and caspase-12 level of HUVECs in uremic serum PDF
HUANG Yi, GAN Hua, DU Xiao-gang 5979-5982
Effect of salvia miltiorrhiza and astragalus membranaceus for auxiliary treatment of patients with acute kidney injury on chronic kidney disease PDF
XU Gui-hua, LI Yan, XIE Ping, CHEN Yong-hua, YUAN Li, ZHAO Jin-yuan 5983-5986
Influence of heart rate and heart rhythm on 320-detector CT coronary imaging and radiation dose PDF
LI Min, SUN Gang, LI Hai-jun, PENG Zhao-hui, LI Li, JIANG Xiang-sen 5987-5992
Levels of serum cardic troponin in the different geometric patterns of left ventricle in rabbits with hyperthyroid cardiomyopathy PDF
WANG Ya-juan, LI Guang-sen, SUN Yan-hong, WANG Wei-dong, ZHANG Jie, BI Wen-jun 5993-5996
The significance of prediction of APACHEⅡscoring system in ICU patients with SIRS PDF
LENG Wei-jian, SONG Yong, LIU Shi-feng, SONG Juan, QIAN Wen-jian 5997-6000
Prognostic factors of patients with breast cancer:retrospective analysis of 1636 cases in Weihai city PDF
DONG Gui-zhi, LIANG Xiao-ling, PENG Hui, WANG Ling, WANG Jian-wen, DU Zhao-hui, ZHANG Li 6012-6016
Association between anemia and cognitive impairment:Results from a cross-sectional study PDF
LI Hong, LI Yu-ling, HU Ming-jun, QIN Jun, DONG Xiao-lin, WANG Li 6017-6020
Image fusion of functional magnetic resonanceimaging and diffusion tensor imaging:a newmethod of pretreatment planning forpatient with brain tumor PDF
WANG Zhi, GUO Yue, CHEN Min, CUI Zhuang, GAO Hong, ZHOU Cheng 6021-6026
Low dose,high-pitch dual-source CT coronaryangiography in patients with atrial fibrillation:is it possible? PDF
SUN Kai, HAN Rui-juan, MA Li-jun, WANG Li-jun, LI Li-gang, CHEN Jiu-hong 6027-6032
Impact of anemia on development of contrast-inducedacute kidney injury in patients undergoingpercutaneous coronary interventions PDF
LI Wen-hua, LI Dong-ye, XU Tong-da, ZHU Hong, ZHANG Yan-bin 6033-6038
Hemolysis test of emulsified isoflurane in vitroand in vivo PDF
RAO Yan, WANG Yan-lin, ZHANG Wen-sheng, YANG Xiao-lin, MA Han-xiang, YANG Jing-wen, YANG Zong-bin, LIU Ai-jie, LIU Jin 6039-6045
Comparison of etomidate and midazolam on heartrate and blood pressure during trachealintubation in off-pump coronary arterybypass graft PDF
YU Qi-jin, YANG Jie, CHEN Juan, YIN Shu-zhou 6046-6051
Dynamic changes of coagulation and fibrinolysis markers in patients with severe craniocerebral trauma PDF
LIU Han, LIU Ying, HE Xiao-wei 6052-6056
The effect of the phytoestrogen genistein on metabolism of bones in ovariectomy rats and IL-6 in celiac macrophages of mice PDF
SUN Ji-yuan, LV Yong-gang, LI Ji-peng, MIAO Shan, WANG Si-wang, JIE Qiang, XIE Yan-hua, WANG Jian-bo, YANG Qian 6057-6064

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