Vol 5, No 18 (2011)

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Comparison of standard versus minimally invasive percutaneous nephrolithotomy in the treatment of calculi less than 2 cm PDF
SITU Jie, NA Ning, HU Cheng, GAO Xin 5259-5262
The influence of high flux hemodialysis on calcium­phosphate metabolism in maintenance hemodialysis patients PDF
DENG Ying-hui, LIN Na, WANG Jun-mei, JIA Qiang 5263-5266
The influence of hemoperfusion on peripheral neuropathy of uremic patients undergoing maintenance hemodialysis PDF
ZHANG Xiao-dong, LI Hui, LI Ying, SONG Jie, ZHANG Jian-rong 5267-5270
The effects of spironolactone on LVEF and LVM in hemodialysis patients with end stage renal disease PDF
LIANG Yan-shun 5271-5275
The expression of transforming growth factor­β1 and Smad7 protein in IgA nephropathy and the analysis of their correlation to clinicopathological features PDF
WEI Jian-ping, GAO Li-fang, WANG Chen, ZHANG Xiao-qin, YAO Shu-lei 5276-5281
Comparison of dexmedetomidine with propofol as assisted sedation in elderly patients undergoing total knee arthroplasty PDF
HUANG Hui, LIU Shan-ling, WANG Shi-duan, SUN Jian, ZHANG Tian-tian, XIA Chang-suo 5282-5285
The application of laryngeal mask airway for general anesthesia in the interventional therapy of children with congenital heart disease PDF
WANG Xiao-liang, ZHAO Qian, XU Li, YIN Jia-lin, SHI Hong-wei, BAO Hong-guang 5286-5289
Clinical significance of CK20 and MMP­7 in diagnosing lymph node micrometastasis in colorectal cancer PDF
SUN Shuai, WANG Xi-shan 5294-5298
The clinical significance of chemokine receptor CXCR4 and CCR6 expressions in patients with chronic superficial gastritis,carcinoma of stomach precancerous lesions and gastric cancer PDF
HE Tian, TANG Hui, YANG Hui, GUO Qiang 5299-5304
Oncolytic reovirus kills breast cancer cells PDF
ZHU Jing-zhi, WU Zhi-yong 5305-5309
Expression of Annexin A2 in human breast cancer tissue and its significance PDF
XING Tian-yong, HOU Ling-mi, WANG Jian-guo, ZHAO Xiao-bo, GAO Yan-chun, DENG Shi-shan 5310-5313
Correlation analysis of the expression of EGFR,c­erbB­2 and p53 in breast cancer tissues and their clinical significance PDF
JIANG Nan, YAN Cheng-ping, YANG Guo-shan, LIU Jin-hong, ZHANG Zong-ming 5314-5318
Expression of Toll­like receptor 4 on surface of peripheral blood mononuclear cells in septic patients and endotoxin­tolerant PDF
TENG Guo-jie, NIE Xiu-hong 5319-5322
Homology analysis of hemagglutinin and neuraminidase genes of human H5N1 strains isolated in Guangdong,China PDF
ZHONG Jing, LI Hai-tao, HUANG Ping 5323-5326
Analysis for the predictors of rapid virological response in therapy of patients with chronic hepatitis C of high viral loads PDF
XU Zhen, ZHANG Xiao-hong, ZHAO Zhi-xin, LIN Chao-shuang, CAI Qing-xian, XIE Dong-ying, GAO Zhi-liang 5327-5330
The contrast study of endothelial function in patients with early diabetic nephropathy PDF
HAO Bao-shun, ZHANG Hui, LIU Xue-lian, LIU Jin-lai, CHEN Lin 5331-5335
The treatment effectiveness of dietary fiber for high risk groups subjected to carotid atherosclerosis plaque PDF
LIAO Wei-guang, OU Yu-ying, LIANG Ai-rong, LI Jin-ping, LIAO Shu-lian, LIANG Xi-quan 5336-5340
Relationship of high­sensitive C­reactive protein with urine microalbumin/creatinine in essential hypertension PDF
PAN Guo-zhong, ZHAO Yan-ye, FAN Yu-dong, XU Hui, WANG Chun-ling, WU Di, LIU Peng 5341-5345
The study on endothelial progenitor cells in peripheral blood of patients with coronary heart disease and diabetes mellitus PDF
LI Xiao-yan, KANG Ling, HAN Shu-fang, GAO Yu-qi, ZHANG Hua-li, GENG Xue 5346-5349
Relationship between body fat percentage and body mass index of Huai′an PDF
SHEN Yang, ZHAN Xiao-qing 5350-5354
The comparation of transfection efficiencies to New Zealand rabbit knee chondrocytes using rAd5­eGFP and rAAV2­eGFP in vivo PDF
LI Lian-hua, WENG Xi-sheng, YANG Xin-yu, WU Zhi-hong, ZHAI Ji-liang 5355-5359
The study for Salmonella resistant and the analysis of enterotoxin gene and clinical relationship in children with diarrhea PDF
CHEN Qing-fa, CHEN Qiang, YU Xiao-jun, ZHOU Hong-ping, KE Jiang-wei, ZHU Chun-hui, DUAN Rong 5360-5365
Experimental study on features of error­related negativity and its neural generator in healthy adults PDF
CHEN Xing-shi, XU Yi-feng, TANG Yun-xiang, WANG Yong, WANG Ji-jun, ZHANG Ming-dao, LOU Fei-ying, LIANG Jian-hua, CHEN Chong, YIN Guang-zhong, ZHANG Zai-fu 5366-5370
Effect of Betahistine combined with Donepezil on amnestic mild cognitive impairment PDF
ZHUANG Zhi-qing, WU Xiao-yan, CHEN Zheng-dong, JU Gui-ping, YE Xing-rong, ZHU Jun, CHEN Xiao-hua, GU Wei-xia 5371-5374
Effect on cerebral blood flow velocity and electroneurophysiology in unconscious patients with brain injury after repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation PDF
XIE Ying, HE Yuan-juan, CHEN Yan, JIANG Yan, HU Yue 5375-5379

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