Chinese Journal of Clinicians, Vol 6, No 7 (2012)

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Clinical comparative analysis of the relevant factors between using cerclage band and fracture healing impairment

NI Dong-kui, WAN Chun-you, HU Mao-zhong, LI Li-jun, PANG Xiao-jian, SHI Yu-bo


  Objective To discuss the correlation among using cerclage band,fracture types and the fracture healing impairment which treated by cerclage band in long bone fracture.Methods 205 patients from three hospitals who had long bone fracture from December 2004 to December 2009 were reviewed,which treated with plate,intramedullary nail alone and in combination with cerclage band,and we classified groups with fracture position,AO fracture type and internal fixation patterns.All these patients were reviewed at an average of(22.3±3.3)months postoperatively(range 6-26 months).Seven were delayed union,twelve were nonunion.Statistical analysis for the difference of fracture healing.Results For using different internal fixation patterns,the fracture nonunion rate was not statistically different within same position(P>0.05).There was a significant difference for nonunion rate between the different fracture types(P<0.05),the rate of nonunion of type C was the highest,and type B was second.Comparative analysis of difference internal fixation patterns in type C,there was no statistic difference within fracture rate.Conclusions The use of cerclage band has no obvious adverse effect on fracture healing.There is closely relationship between the results of fracture healing and the fracture type,but no relation with the use of cerclage band.

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