Chinese Journal of Clinicians, Vol 6, No 7 (2012)

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A quick solution for segmental femur bone density based on CT value and three-dimensional reconstruction

ZHANG Guo-dong, LIN Hai-bin, ZHENG Feng, CHEN Guo-li, XU Zu-mei, LIN Yang-yuan, TAO Sheng-xiang


  Objective To investigate a fast solution method for bone density of femur,the femoral head,femoral neck and femoral condyle based on CT value and three-dimensional reconstruction.Methods Twelve sides of lower extremity specimens of adult corpses were used for our experiments.Experiment were divided into experimental group and measurement group.The femurs of experimental group was treated with 0.5 mm thin-slice CT scan,three-dimensional reconstruction,harvest the CT value of pixels.The femoral three-dimensional models were divided into four segments of femoral head,femoral neck,femoral shaft and femoral condyle.The CT value data of femoral three-dimensional models and segments were harvested respectively.Measurement group was treated to prepare specimens,measure mass and the volume of entire femur and segments,then calculate the bone density.The mean CT value of three-dimensional model of experimental group and the bone density of measurement group were treated with correlation analysis to obtain mathematical functions between bone density and the mean CT value.The calculated bone density values and that of measurement group were treated with one-factor analysis of variance.Results (1)Correlation analysis between bone density values of measurement group and the mean CT value:femur y=0.2535x0.2901,R2=0.9464;femur head y=0.027x0.6085,R2=0.915;femur neck y=0.0324x0.5849,R2=0.862;femoral condyle y=0.0245x0.614,R2=0.8492.(2)One-factor analysis of variance between calculated bone density values and that of measurement group:femur P=0.987;femur head P=0.984;femur neck P=0.962;femoral condyle P=0.971.Conclusions (1)The bone density of femur could be quickly harvested through the mean CT value after three-dimensional reconstruction;(2)Segmental femur bone density measurement could obtain a more precise result and better quality control;(3)To provide a practical method and theoretical foundation of fast solution method of bone density for clinical orthopedics.

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