Chinese Journal of Clinicians, Vol 6, No 7 (2012)

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Study on the relationship between experimental cyclomastopathy and microelement

ZHAO Cun-yan, DING Fang, WANG Liang, LI Chun-xiang, ZHU Xiao-hui, SUN Qi, HOU Xiao-shuang


  Objective To observe the correlation between mammary gland disease and the content of 5 kinds trace elements with three experimental methods to copy mammary gland hyperplasia model.Methods Forty SD rate were divided into four groups,the blank group(Group A),estradiol benzoate(EB)+ progestin(PG)(Group B),compelled swim(Group C),compelled swim+ EB+ PG(Group D).To observe the papilla diameter of 2,3 mammary and pathological change of glandular tissue,then to view the correlation with microelement and them.Results (1)The 3 methods could all increase the rat′s papilla diameter(P<0.05);the number of sublobe gland alveolus were increased obviously in the glandular tissue,acinar lumina and mammary gland ductus lumina were expanded,secretion were much in gland alveolus and ductus.Among them Group D was the most obvious.(2)In the 3 models the contents of copper(Cu)were increased,the contents of zinc(Zn),stannum(Se)were decreased,the ratio of Cu and Zn was increased.Conclusions (1)The 3 models all can duplicate the cyclomastopathy.(2)Distribution of microelement and cyclomastopathy have dependablity in the glandular tissue of experimental rat model.

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