Chinese Journal of Clinicians, Vol 6, No 7 (2012)

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The influence of tibolone on endometrial carcinoma xenografts in ovariectomized nude mice

LI Ling, LIAO Qin-ping


  Objective To investigate the safety of Tibolone in endometrial carcinoma patients through endometrial carcinoma xenografts model in ovariectomized nude mice in vivo.Methods (1)The test model was established by transplanting subcutaneously the Ishikawa cells,which had been cultured and collected in vitro,into ovariectomized BALB/c nude mice;(2)The nude mice were divided into control and Tibolone group in random,which were fed with placebo or Tibolone(0.375 mg·kg-1·d-1)for 35 days,respectively.The tumor weight,metastasis(abdominopelvic cavity lymph nodes and abdominal dropsy)and the change of its volume between two groups were compared;(3)Immunochemical SP method was used to determine the expressions of Ki67,P53,P27,bcl-2 protein in the endometrial carcinoma tissues of the two groups,furthermore,to identify their cell proliferations and apoptosis.Results (1)No significant differences were observed in the tumor volume enlargement〖(2.063±1.038)cm3 vs.(2.170±0.822)cm3,P=0.791〗and weight 〖(0.699±2.02)g vs.(0.807±2.83)g,P=0.314〗between Tibolone and control group.35-day Tibolone usage did not induce tumor metastasis and abdomen fluid development;(2)No significant differences were found in their Ki67 index values,P53,P27 and bcl-2 protein between the two groups.Conclusions Tibolone has no stimulating effects on the growth of Ishikawa endometrial carcinoma cell line xenografts in ovariectomized nude mice.Therefore,its safety could be well guaranteed for endometrial carcinoma patients as hormone replacement therapy.

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