Chinese Journal of Clinicians, Vol 6, No 7 (2012)

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Computer-aided diagnosis of jaundice

ZHANG Du-yi, ZENG Zheng


  Objective To build a diagnosis model of jaundice using statistics methods.Methods The main causes of jaundice cases were analyzed retrospectively and differential diagnosis model was built by using Logistic regression.Results We worked out the formula:ln〖P/(1-P)〗=-1.452-1.774 fatigue+1.824 abdominal pain+1.763 pale stool+1.039 pruritus-0.003 ALT+0.005 ALP+0.002 GGT+0.005 TBIL+0.003 CA199,by which,jaundice can be classified obstructive from cholestasis or hepatocellular.The positive predictive value was 92.1%,and the negative predictive value was 89.0%,in which,the accuracy was 90.7%,and the specificity and the sensitivity were 88.9% and 91.6%,respectively.And also the obstructive jaundice can be classified into benign or malignant by formula:ln〖P/(1-P)〗=-1.345-0.931 abdominal pain+1.284 fever+0.001 GGT+0.005 TBIL.The positive predictive value was 82.9%,while the negative predictive value was 59.3%.The specificity and the sensitivity were 76.6% and 68.0%,respectively.Conclusions The Logistic formulas had both satisfied with specificity and sensitivity and might be helpful to differential diagnosis of jaundice.

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