Chinese Journal of Clinicians, Vol 6, No 7 (2012)

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Sorafenib combined TACE for advanced hepatocellular carcinoma according to serum alpha-fetoprotein

WANG Yan, WANG Mao-qiang, LIU Feng-yong, WANG Zhi-jun, DUAN Feng, SONG Peng


  Objective To investigate the therapeutic effect of sorafonib combined TACE for advanced hepatocelluar carcinoma(HCC)according to different serum alpha-fetoprotein(AFP)level.Methods Between Apri 2009 and Oct 2011,148 patients were grouped according to different serum AFP level,patients with advanced HCC who had received pathology or clinical diagnosis according to BCLC(Barcelona Clinic Liver Cancer)were enrolled and administered with sorafenib(400 mg for twice per day)combined TACE.The tumor response was evaluated according to RECIST criteria following every 4-6 weeks,and the reverse reaction were recorded and evaluated according to NCI.CTC(3.0 edition).Results 148 evaluable patients,of which sub-groupⅠ(B stage 22;C stage 32):SD 39,PD 11,PR 3,CR 1(liver lesions disappeared),disease control rate(DCR)was 79%,the median time to tumor progression asked(mTTP)for 6 months;sub-groupⅡ(B stage 13;C stage 24):SD 22,PD 15,PR 0,CR 0,DCR was 59%,mTTP for 4 months;sub-groupⅢ(B stage 14;C stage 29):SD 27,PD 16,PR 0,CR 0,DCR was 62%,mTTP for 4 months;sub-groupⅣ(B stage 4;C stage 10):SD 7,PD 7,PR 0,CR 0,DCR was 50%,mTTP for 3 months.Overall disease control rate was 66%.The major adverse events were hand-foot skin reaction,dirrhea,rash and psilosis.Most of them were released after treatment and there was no severe adverse event occurring.Conclusions It is suggested that sorafenib is effective for advanced HCC of different serum AFP level.mTTP are longer in patients with normal AFP than patients with higher AFP.

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