Chinese Journal of Clinicians, Vol 6, No 7 (2012)

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Bone morphogenetic protein 2 induce the differentiation of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells into cardiomyocyte-like cells

HOU Jing, LV An-lin, LIU Bo-wu, HUANG Wei, DA Jing, HOU Hong, HOU Zhao-lei


  Objective To observe the effect of the differentiation of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells(BMMSCs)into cardiomyocyte-like cells with bone morphogenetic protein 2(BMP-2).Methods BMMSCs were isolated from bone marrow of SD rats by density gradient centrifugation.The forth passage cells were divided into two groups:BMP-2 group(10 μg/L),untreated group as control.After 24 h induction,the medium was changed to complete culture medium without any inductor and the cells were culture for 4 weeks.The morphological changes were observed under phase contrast microscope.The cardiomyogenic cells were identified by immunofluorescence staining.The differentiation ratio was examined by flow cytometer.Results BMMSCs of primary culture formed cell colonies at 2 weeks.The passaged cells were larger than those of primary culture.After induction,the cells presented long spindle,aligned in parallel and formed“muscle island”-like structure.The expression of specific protein of cardiac troponin I(cTnI)in induced BMMSCs was positive.Western blot showed that the expression of cTnI and Cx43 in induced BMMSCs was positive.Flow cytometer showed that the differentiation ratio in BMP-2 group were(17.9±0.8)%.Conclusions BMP-2 can induce the differentiation of BMMSCs into cardiomyocyte-like cells,and the differentiation ratio is high.

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