Chinese Journal of Clinicians, Vol 6, No 7 (2012)

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Application of ‘a plane rotation method’of spatio-temporal image correlation in the screening of the fetal cardiac structure in second-trimester pregnancy

JI Hong-juan, WANG Long-xia, WANG Jun-yan, XU Hong, ZHOU Chun-yan


  Objective To research on the application of the spatio-temporal image correlation(STIC)in the fetal heart screening,analyze the optimal conditions of the fetal cardiac structure screening applying STIC and the impact factors to the successful collection,and quest for the methods to process the ultimate picture quickly.Methods 150 normal second-trimester fetuses screened by routine ultrasonic screening.To obtain the data of the volume in the fetal cardiac cycle by scanning the fetal heart from the four-chamber view with STIC,reconstruct five types of commonly-used plans of LVOT,RVOT,LAV-AOA,LAV-DA,3VT with‘a plane rotation method’of STIC,divide the plans into apical four-chamber group and lateral four-chamber group according to the acquisition position,and compare the plan reconstruction ratio of above two groups applied with χ2 test,then the impact factors were analyzed with t test in data collection,such as the maximum depth of amniotic fluid,fetal gestational age,fetal weight,fetal heart rate,placenta position(χ2 test)etc.Results Among the 150 cases in second-trimester fetuses screened with STIC,123(82%)cases succeeded,27(18%)cases failed.Each condition′s effect to success ratio of data collection had no significant difference(P>0.05).The STIC reconstruction rate of apical four-chamber group and the lateral four-chamber group had no significant difference(χ2=0.624,P=0.891).Conclusions When the fetuses are still,applying STIC in the fetal heart screening can obtain satisfactory data of fetal heart volume with less other impact factors.At the same time,applying orthogonal planes methods of STIC in the ultimate picture processing can obtain image of satisfactory quality.So STIC possesses important clinical value and can be widely used in the second-trimester fetal heart examination.

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