Chinese Journal of Clinicians, Vol 6, No 7 (2012)

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Relationship between malnutrition,inflammation and cardiovascular diseases in maintenance hemodialysis patients

YANG Song-tao, SUN Ke-bing, QIN Lian-xiang, XIAO Yue-fei


  Objective To study the relationship between malnutrition,inflammation and cardiovascular diseases(CVD)in maintenance hemodialysis patients(MHD).Methods 67 MHD patients were enrolled.Subjective global assessment(SGA),anthropometric measurements and biochemical parameters were used to assess nutritional status.hs-CRP was measured as a marker of inflammation.The incidence of CVD was recorded.The relationship between malnutrition,inflammation and CVD was analyzed.Results 33(49.3%)patients were malnourished according to SGA.hs-CRP was higher in malnourished patients than in normal nutrition ones(P<0.05).There were 22 patients(32.8%)whose hs-CRP exceeded normal level,while their ALB were lower than those with normal hs-CRP(P<0.05).hs-CRP was negatively correlated to SGA,ALB and Scr(P<0.05).ALB and preALB were lower in patients with CVD than those without CVD,while hs-CRP appeared to the contrary(P<0.05).The incidence of malnutrition,inflammation and atherosclerosis(MIA syndrome)was 17.9%.Conclusions MIA syndrome is present in MHD patients.There is interaction between malnutrition and inflammation those had the link with CVD.

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