Chinese Journal of Clinicians, Vol 5, No 6 (2011)

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Influence of different target effect-site concentration of sufentanil on popofol EC50 at loss of consciousness

HAN Ling, PANG Lei, LIAN Xin, MA Hai-chun


  Objective Under the monitoring of bispectral index,using various target effect-site concentration of sufentanil,to investigate the synergistic interaction characteristics between sufentanil and propofol and explore the dose ratio between sufentanil and fentanyl as an equipotent,to provide reference for clinical work.Methods Sixty female patients with ASA physical status Ⅰ-Ⅱ scheduled for elective surgery,were randomly allocated into three groups of 20 patients each:group S1,group S2 and group F.Group S1 received intravenous target effect-site concentration of sufentanil 0.3 ng/ml and group S2 received sufentanil 0.5 ng/ml,group F received fentanyl 3 ng/ml.When the plasma concentration of sufentanil and fentanyl came into balance with effect-site,then TCI propofol in an up and down method.At the time loss of consciousness,the plasma concentration of propofol and the BIS were recorded.Then use the regression method to calculate the propofol EC50 at the time loss of consciousness.Propofol was infused continuously,when the BIS decreased lower than 60,vecuronium at a dose of 0.12 mg/kg was injected,after that tracheal intubation was performed.The HR,BP,MAP,SpO2 and BIS were recorded at the time the patient entering operating room,the plasma concentration of sufentanil and fentanyl came into balance with effect-site concentration,the preset plasma concentration of propofol attained and right after tracheal intubation was accomplished (T4).Results The propofol EC50 at loss of consciousness was 4.13 μg/ml,and 3.58 μg/ml in each group,and the 95% confidence interval was 3.95 μg/ml-4.32 μg/ml and 3.39 μg/ml-3.76 μg/ml.Conclusions With the increase of target effect site concentration of sufentanil,the EC50 of propofol at loss of consciousness decreased.Sufentanil has stronger synergistic interaction with propofol compared with fentanyl.The equipotent dose between sufentanil and fentanyl changes with the intensity of stimulation at a range of (6-10)∶1.

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