Information: About CMA


Established in 1915, The Chinese Medical Association is the largest and oldest non-governmental medical organization in China. being the family of more than 450,000 members and 90 specialty societies, the CMA plays a leading and active role in the nations medical education, training and professional exchanges.

Up to January 2010, the CMA has published 139 journals including the Chinese Journal of Clinicians(CJC), a well-konwn peer reviewed general medical journal of the clinicians in China. The CMA journals are distributed to over 60 countries and regions and have a long continuing exchange relationship with about 1000 foreign medical journals. being the representatives of the CMA, these journals are playing an important role in domestic and international academic exchange. In addition to paper format, CD-ROM and online editions (E.g. of the CMA journals have also been published. Established in 1887, the Chinese Medical Journal (CMJ) has been accepted by the Science Citation Index (SCI) and other major international databases and has played an important role in the international communication for a better health of the people in the world.

The CMA's missions include uniting and organizing medical professionals, upholding medical ethics, and advocating social decency. It operates with democratic principles, supports freedom of scholarship, and concentrate to raise professional standards and service.

The CMA serves as a resource of medical information, promotes the practical application of medical research, and acts as a bridge between medical professionals and the government.

The president of CMA is Nan-shan Zhong, M.D. ,an academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering. Nan-shan Zhong is well-known as a leader of clinical research in China. One article of his team:.Effect on health from smoking and use of solid fuel in China., won The Lancet 's paper of the year 2008.

Chinese Journal of Clinicians